Hey all! I talk a lot about my practice. This to me is my meditation, prayer, and breathing exercises that help me achieve my goals of mindfulness, relaxation, and spirituality.

To help you get started on your own practice, I put together a quick guided mantra meditation. this clip is 11 minutes and 40 seconds, but most of it is preparation and recollection. The meditation is only five minutes. I find it best to start short and build up to longer sessions. I may post longer guided sessions here if you would like that. Still, you can take what you learn here and use it in your own unguided meditations of any length.

I hope you enjoy this. And please, let me know if you would like longer versions or any other audio guides. I will probably post some Shamanic meditations here in the near future as well.

Be seeing you, Cheers


Why Are We Afraid of Death?

Finding Balance

It is the unknown. The unknown of the EGO.
You see, We are spiritual beings, we are only temporarily
in this human life. We are in this life to work through
things, to figure things out, to grow and realize our
spiritual selves. We then graduate back to the all,
to God.

We have built an identity in this human life. This
is who we are! But it is not, it is only who we are
in the physical realm. We are so much more.
We worry about what happens when we die. Where
will we go? Is this all there is? Will we be with
friends and loved ones? Will we be in paradise? will
we be punished?

These are all natural questions of the human condition.
That is why we practice and work with our spiritual
nature, to get these answers. And the answer is both
simple and complicated.

We are one with God. We return to God once
our work is done. We can sense God, and be in a
relationship with God. But true understanding is
above our human mind’s knowledge.

We both know and don’t know. Once you are on your
journey, you will understand that.

For those not yet on their journey, fear of human
death is somewhat normal. For those on their
spiritual journey, the fear fades as we know we
are already One with God. All is good. Right?

Well, we are still all human here. Some days will
be clearer than others. When stresses of the
world build, we doubt. We fear. That is why it
is so important to center yourself in prayer and
meditation everyday. To practice mindfulness. Practice
breathing in long checkout lines. Practice calm when
someone is confronting you.

Just Be, Just Breath, Just know…

We got this.

Be Seeing You, Cheers


Just be. Just be at peace. Just be happy. Just be at one with the divine.

Just be.

You are not your thoughts. You are not your actions. You are not your stresses. You are not your body. You are a spiritual entity, you are just on a human adventure.

Go forth in love and surrender. Live in the moment, knowing you are at one with that which is God. You are not your past or future, you are the present. With that knowledge you can unlock all the mysteries.

Just be. You deserve it.

Be seeing you, Cheers.


You are at one with everything. Just be.

We are all spiritual beings on a human journey. These words are from Wayne Dyer. And they are true. The moment this realization hits you, not as an idea, but as a known fact, your outlook will change. There may still be work to be done. I take that back, there IS still work to be done, but you will know the truth. The truth is freeing!

It does not matter whether this came to you in a dream, in meditation, in a prayer. Once you realize the truth, the true work can begin. It is not hard physically, but it will be hard mentally. Once the truth hits you, your human mind will resist the truth. The EGO will rear its head and make a claim for the authentic you. The only way to combat this is quiet calmness. By reaching out to the authentic you, the part of you that touches god. The real you, not the you on a human journey.

You can start right now. Just BREATHE.

Be Seeing You, Cheers!


Hello, my friends. It is time for another edition of Zen Audio Journeys with Senator Jaiz. In this episode I talk about Ego, I clarify something I said in the first episode. And I play my guitar using the Soundstone.




The show has started. The first episode of Zen Audio Journeys is now live. A bit of music, and a brief history of my spiritual path. Check it out and come along on the journey with me. Cheers!

Zen Audio Journeys Podcast

Zen Audio Journeys Video Version

That is correct. It is the Zen Audio Journeys. This will feature my music, my music creation, New Age music and spirituality, and the day to day of trying to bring happiness to the world.

I have been on quite a journey in my life, both in the physical world and the spiritual. But, while my life in the physical world has been flourishing recently, my spiritual side has suffered.

This is my fault. Since things in the “real” world have been great, I have suppressed my spiritual side to avoid problems at work. This has left me with an imbalance that kept me from being really fulfilled. That will no longer be the case.

So come along on this journey with me. Let’s spread the joy of music and the spirit and happiness to the world. You can find the podcast at Zen Audio Journeys with Senator Jaiz.