I am a month into a pretty serious health problem. I was having bad back pain. At first they gave me muscle relaxers. Well, that did not work.

I went back to the doctor with a 104 degree fever and got sent to the hospital for four days. They found through tests that I had a mass in my right lung.

I have been getting treatment. I have made positive progress. I am beating this. I am feeling a bit better each day.

This will soon be behind me and I will be back to my regular life and shenanigans.

More to come soon.


Zip Crackle Tuesday Thing is live!New Senator Jaiz Single Zip Crackle Tuesday Thing is live on most retail and streaming platforms. This is an experimental return to form for me and is a sign of things to come with my upcoming releases. You can find it on your favorite services or on the couple linked below.

On Spotify

On Amazon Music

If you look at the menu across the top of the page, there are a few new things there. I made some mistakes this past year with my branding and message. One of those, the big one, was lumping all of my projects under one roof here on my Senator Jaiz page.

I am in the process of remedying that. I am making a dedicated page for all of my projects. The three I am working on at this time are my side noise-music project Souls Leak Liquid Silver, as well as my shows The DIY Creative and Spiritual Audio Journeys. Coming soon I will begin work on the Oregano Wrathbone site as well.

All of these projects are side projects of Senator Jaiz, but using this page as the catch-all was hurting the Senator Jaiz banding and message. The fact remains that someone that is a fan of Senator Jaiz may not be a fan of the podcasts or SLLS, and vice versa.

Now that will not be a problem. Thanks for being a fan, I appreciate you all.

I am working on these pages and the rollout will be soon.