Eban Crawford

Musician Senator Jaiz, Oregano Wrathbone, SllS, VO Artist, Podcaster

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Senator Jaiz

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Senator Jaiz and SllS


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DIY Creative

Taco Bell Theory of Everything

Senator Jaiz and SllS can be found on most digital streaming services and online stores. The links here are just a sampling of where Senator Jaiz music is located.

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By becoming a patron of my music, you’ll not only be supporting my creative journey as an experimental lofi and ambient music producer, but you’ll also get access to a range of exclusive content and perks that aren’t available anywhere else. As a patron, you’ll have the opportunity to hear my latest tracks before anyone else, get behind-the-scenes insights into my creative process, and even collaborate with me on a future track. Additionally, your support will help me to fund new projects, upgrade my equipment, continue exploring new sounds, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in music. So if you’re a fan of experimental music and want to support independent artists like myself, I invite you to join my Patreon community and be a part of this exciting journey. Thank you for your support!

SllS Music Samples


Beautiful Friends

Souls leak liquid Silver

This is my industrial noise music side project. Harsh, expressive, brutal, and admittedly not for everyone. Enjoy!

I am also a voice over artist.

You can hear my work in media from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. I am now again taking new clients. Let’s talk! Or, let me talk in your projects.

Contact: VO work Request email

Who is Eban Crawford?

I am a musician and composer, VO Artist, and a podcaster. As Senator Jaiz I create Ambient, Experimental Jazz and Blues, and Lo-Fi Chillhop. As SllS I create harsh industrial Noise. As Oregano Wrathbone, well I am working on that. I am also the composer and audio point person for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in the Digital Media department. 

I am a product of my influences, which include Jean-Michel Jarre, Gary Numan, Brian Eno, Levi Chen, David Arkenstone, Albert Collins, Billy Gibbons, Frank Zappa, Marc Bolan, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Merzbow and, well, this list could get pretty long, so let’s leave it there.  

My music is geared toward the soundtrack of life. It could be a backdrop for the day-to-day, or even better for RPG and board gamers, filmmakers, manga and anime fans, readers, students, and all other dreamers. The soundtrack quality of my work means it can be your background or the center of your full attention. Much like Brian Eno described ambient music.

How’s this? “Experimental Synth Space Lounge music in a tidy Ambient Container Delivered in a Kilt (sometimes)”




To bring music into the world that suits the purposes of the listener, no matter what that purpose is, be it studying, relaxing, meditating, playing games, zoning out, or listening intently.


I combine rock, electronic, orchestral, ambient, noise, Jazz, Lofi, and experimental sounds to create my soundscapes and music. I try to find that thing that no one else has. Sometimes I succeed. Other times I don’t. To me, it is the journey that counts.


To bring a bit of relaxation, wonder, and spiritual enlightenment into the world. To give the world a chill soundtrack to our day-to-day lives.


Music For Halloween!

Here is the full Halloween album I released a few years ago in video form. Enjoy and be spooked! Play at your HW party, for trick-or-treaters, or just for ambence.