The Condom For Your Ears

Experimental Synth Space Lounge Pop in a Dark Industrial Ambient Container Delivered in a Kilt Experimental Synth Space Lounge Pop in a Dark Industrial Ambient Container Delivered in a Kilt for Filmakers, Gamers, Readers, CosPlayers, Students, and All Other Dreamers.

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Coming SOON
The New Senator Jaiz Album “Sounds Of A Beautiful Dystopia” Dropping in August! Pre-save coming soon.

This album finds SJ scoring a sci-fi dystopian film that has never been made. No, this was not a scrapped film that SJ scored, but more of a film that has been in his head for years and this is the soundtrack he would have made.

Will the movie ever get made? Probably not as it is more of an idea in a dream, but the music is on the way!
Heading here
Hey, I would love to hear from you! Whether it is just to chat, or to leave a comment, to work together, or for booking information. Hit me up!

I have many types of shows. From ambient and improv, to full concerts, to long form experimental durational shows and installations, to workshops, and even sleep concerts.

I can’t wait to hear from you!
My DIY Creative Podcast
Check Out my DIY Creative podcast where I talk about the life of a creative. Musicians, artists, illustrators, writers, poets, and other creatives have in common that our product is us. Our creations are a part of who we are. In this show I try to break down some of the things we creatives face, not from the perspective of knowing it all, but as a fellow creative on the path with you! 

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