Who Is Senator Jaiz

I am an experimental electronic composer and performer. I am also the composer and audio point person for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in the Digital Media department. 

I say experimental as my music does not fit nicely in any single box. I am a product of my influences, which include Jean-Michel Jarre, Gary Numan, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, and, well, this list could get pretty long, so let’s leave it there.  

My music is geared for the soundtrack of life. It could be a backdrop for the day to day, or even better for RPG and board gamers, film makers, manga and anime fans, readers, students, and all other dreamers. The soundtrack quality of my work means it can be your background, or the center of your full attention. Much like Brian Eno described ambient music.

How’s this?“Experimental Synth Space Lounge Pop in a Dark Industrial Ambient Container Delivered in a Kilt”

My Music
Some Pics
Some things I do
Senator Jaiz and Gotye Moogfest 2017
We are Works In Progress
At Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC
Choose Your Partners Wisely
Moogfest 2016
Moogfest 2017 by Johnny Underwood
Career Highlights

2014:EP Dimensional Chaos Released  

2015: September: -Released Album Blaise Artica -Scored Cirque Performance for Dance Company Elevate as part of the Extreme Mammals Gala Opening -Released Convergence: Call of the Wild Album, Music for Extreme Mammals October: -Debuted the Mammal Music Creation Station Exhibit at the Extreme Mammals Exhibit at NC Museum of Natural Sciences 

2016: February: -Released Album B-Sides and Songs That Missed The Cut March: -Released the EP Ipad Sessions Vol. 1: Electro Mess April: -Brought the 10 Minute Music Station Workshop to Sci-Tech Expo May: -Brought the Ten Minute Music Station to Moogfest

June: -Released the EP Sparkless Ignition plus One  

2017:– Singles Released  Dark Silence, Star Stuff, Dronium, Swatting at Digital Flies, Slither, In Nomine Patris: Melting Heart feat. Effie, Blanco El Alce and Secret of the Hill March: -Scored the Movie Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Fan Movie May: -Brought the workshop “No Permission Needed: Create!” to Moogfest September: -Played the Carrboro Music Festival 

2018: -Singles Released  Raccoon Walzes 1 and 2, Being, Dull Sound, and It Starts With A Buzz  January: -Released the Album of collaborations Music For Mazes in Six Movements which was the soundscape for the Mazes and Brain Games exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. Featured Collaborators were Michael Harren, Petridisch, Dejacusse, Skidmatic, and AfroDJMac. -Launched the Maze Music DJ Station exhibit as part of the Mazes and Brain Games Exhibit. March: -Scored the film Five Nights at Freddy’s: Forgotten Memories September: -Released the experimental ambient album Of -Played the Carrboro Music Festival December: -Played Two shows for the WRAL First Night Raleigh downtown New Years Eve Celebration.

2019: -Singles: This Crawl, Solar Wind, Hello, Where in Space,Hanging With Major Tom, Positive Ambivalence, Rhythmic Sadness, Cosmic Connection, Bells of Proxima Centauri, Lonely Voyager, Looking Back from the Cosmos April:-Senator Jaiz Single, It Starts With A Buzz used in the video Proteus Action by Bradley Allf as part of The Art of a Scientist exhibit by Duke University May:-Brought the No Permission Needed: CREATE workshop to Art Dissected at the NC Museum of Natural Science Nov:- Playing Five Hour Durational show at the 2019 Wake Forest VegFest