We are all spiritual beings on a human journey. These words are from Wayne Dyer. And they are true. The moment this realization hits you, not as an idea, but as a known fact, your outlook will change. There may still be work to be done. I take that back, there IS still work to be done, but you will know the truth. The truth is freeing!

It does not matter whether this came to you in a dream, in meditation, in a prayer. Once you realize the truth, the true work can begin. It is not hard physically, but it will be hard mentally. Once the truth hits you, your human mind will resist the truth. The EGO will rear its head and make a claim for the authentic you. The only way to combat this is quiet calmness. By reaching out to the authentic you, the part of you that touches god. The real you, not the you on a human journey.

You can start right now. Just BREATHE.

Be Seeing You, Cheers!


Hello, my friends. It is time for another edition of Zen Audio Journeys with Senator Jaiz. In this episode I talk about Ego, I clarify something I said in the first episode. And I play my guitar using the Soundstone.